Test Server: minecraft.rdlenk.net:25566

Install Instructions


Download Twitch


Install the App


Sign in

Sign in to your exisiting Twitch account or sign up for a free account.


Go to Mods page


Click on Minecraft


Install LenkPack

1) Select "Browse All Modpacks"

2) Search for "LenkPack"

3) Hover over the image and press "Install"

Adjust Memory (RAM) Settings


Open the Twitch App Setting

Click the menu button (three stacked lines) in the top left of the app. Open “File” and select “Settings”


Adjust Memory

Select the “Minecraft” section of the settings from the menu on the left. Scroll down on the right side to the “Java Settings” section. Increase the “Maximum Memory Allocation” setting

Memory Setting Guide

What setting you use here really depends on your computer’s specs and how much RAM you have to offer Java. Minecraft with mods takes up a lot of RAM so the more you can give it the better. However, you should also reserve RAM for the rest of the computer to use so you should set this setting to a few GB below the max. Here are few examples:

  • Computer has 8 GB of RAM so we set Twitch to 6000 MB

  • Computer has 16 GB of RAM so we set Twitch to 10000 MB

  • Computer has 32 GB of RAM so we set Twitch to go nuts

Once it is installed a "Play" button will appear. Press this to start the game.

The server address is below